Assessing the Technical and Economic Validity of the HYGUANE Project for CNES


The project named HYGUANE aims to establish a pilot plant at the Spaceport for the production of green hydrogen, to replace “grey” hydrogen. That green hydrogen, used to fuel rockets, will reduce CO2 emissions linked to the Ariane program and will also introduce a hydrogen eco-system to French Guiana, creating favorable conditions for the development of new future applications for the region. In preparation for the project dry-runs, CNES needed to delve deeper into the technical, economic, financial, industrial, and systemic dimensions of the project to secure the validity of the project.


Persee offered its expertise and tedHy planning tool to further qualify the envisioned option, following previous studies, within a pragmatic approach. This became particularly crucial when evaluating the project holistically, extending beyond the production plant to downstream applications beyond the Spaceport. The assessment considered not only the immediate service to the Ariane program but also the long-term ambition to harness the desired spill-over effect. Ultimately, Persee proposed alternative redesigns for the project, contributing to its overall strengthening and positioning.

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