Assessing the Viability of Hydrogen Deployment for GCK Energy's Plantret Project


The Plantret project, initiated by GCK Energy, explores the potential of hydrogen as a decarbonization and energy autonomy vector for a luxury chalet located in a mountainous area. This project serves as a tangible case study within GCK's extended exploration of sustainable constructions. In preparation for imminent investment and architectural decisions, GCK Energy was seeking to diagnose the viability of an H2 deployment in Plantret project.


Persee, using TedHy, offered its expertise to outline feasible infrastructure options, and pre-qualify them in economic, energy, environmental, and regulatory terms. These scenarios notably considered the optimization of the selection, sizing, location, and cost of hydrogen equipment which are even more critical in a housing project. The support offered by Persee could easily be reused to further assess the potential for other chalets (short term) or eco-villages (medium term).

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