Establishing a Hydrogen Strategy for Vendee Energie's Wind Park Transition


With its first wind park in Bouin transitioning beyond tariffs, Vendee Energie, a pioneer in renewable energy, wanted to seize this chance to establish a significant presence in the hydrogen sector of Vendee. Various stakeholders expressed interest in a collaborative project, prompting Vendee Energie to deliberate on the ideal initial project to serve as a stepping stone into hydrogen and determining the priority applications to focus on.


With TedHy. Persee was able to present three primary infrastructure deployment scenarios for Vendee Energie, aligning with three objectives provided by the software: minimizing capital expenditures (capex), minimizing Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH), and minimizing CO2 emissions. Each scenario was comprehensively visualized, offering detailed insights into technical, economic, and environmental perspectives. These analyses facilitated discussions within Vendee Energie, ultimately leading to a decisive course of action and contributing to the establishment of Lhyfe.

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