Hydrogen Fueling Stations Network Expansion for Hympulsion


Hympulsion, a pioneer of hydrogen mobility in South East of France, aims to develop a network of hydrogen fueling stations for vehicles at 350 and 700 bar. Initially targeting light vehicles, station suppliers had been contracted to equip the first segment of the network. As the market evolved, Hympulsion wanted to meet the growing demand in the heavy-duty vehicle sector, which would enhance the profitability of the future network. For this, Hympulsion was questioning the alternatives in design, supply, and operation to be considered.


Persee provided its proficiency in the design, supply, and operations of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) to explore potential alternatives. Utilizing its FilHy tool, Persee evaluated these alternatives against the anticipated fleet requirements outlined by Hympulsion. This thorough analysis facilitated constructive discussions between Hympulsion and its suppliers, allowing for collaborative enhancements to the network's capabilities.

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