Transitioning Belfort to Hydrogen Buses


Known for its pioneering stance on alternative fuels, the city of Belfort has been one of the last municipalities to operate buses on LPG. As the service delegation neared its conclusion and the availability of LPG engines declined, the opportune moment arose to contemplate the adoption of alternative fuels like hydrogen. With several hydrogen bus alternatives in operation and some communication on the matter, their needed further insights into the actual cost of adopting these buses and the required investments, before orientating the following delegation tender.


Through Mobhy, a holistic strategy could be devised, encompassing a cost-benefit analysis that evaluates procurement, operational, and maintenance costs. Simultaneously, Persee aided the design of a small-scale pilot program that adheres to current regulations, aiding in raising public awareness. Despite the analysis being conducted in 2015, Persee possessed the knowledge to effectively address and support such customer requirements, even back then.

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