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Our approach

Our approach is personal as well as professional. We are animated by passion:
 - Passion for building a sustainable future for ourselves.
 - Passion for progress yielding positive outcomes.
 - Passion for collective intelligence as a true opportunity for positive change.

We are aware, aware of the issues the world is facing. We do not know what the future will be. But we know for sure we will have brought our contribution, our efforts and the best of our minds to influence the trajectory in what we see as a positive way.

Categorized as a “young innovative company”, we are attuned to changes in the wider context, we are relentless in the pursuit to offer innovative solutions that benefit our evolving energy systems.

Our founders

Laurence Grand-Clément

Laurence Grand-Clément is the President of Persee. She is active in the business development activities of the company as well as in the modeling and product development work.

Laurence is building on her 20 years of professional experience, as a partner of the Observatory of Innovation in Energy in France and as a co-founder of several startups.

Laurence holds a MSc from Ecole polytechnique - ParisTech (1997) and an MBA from Insead-Wharton (2006).

Matthieu Poulet

Matthieu Poulet initialy contributed as the CIO of Persee. He helped guide and build the foundation of the company's digital platform and cloud.

Matthieu is also a partner of the NGO Bluenergy, which aims at leveraging renewable energy for sustainable development in Nicaragua.

Matthieu holds a MSc from Ecole polytechnique - ParisTech (1998) and a M2 from Telecom - ParisTech (2003).

Front end and Back end

One of our key strategies from day one has been operational excellence. We want to be as respected for the back end of our innovations as for their front end. In other terms, we want at the same time to position ourselves at the forefront of advanced optimisation programming, end-to-end data management whilst offering ergonomic and responsive interfaces and designs to deliver engaging and unique user experiences. We trust the vitality of digital technologies and always seek the most suitable alternative for our development activities.


Our team is characterised by its diversity, as we require multiple competences to contribute the complex and comprehensive solutions we develop. An interesting and creative opportunity awaits you in our fast changing environment. Join our young forward-looking team and seize the chance to take charge of realising your own ideas. Even as an intern you will be given a chance to implement your own projects.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us: contact@pers-ee.com